Katya Osadchaya called 7 cases, which should do during the quarantine

In Ukraine lasts for a week quarantine. A lot of people are already experiencing the discomfort of the house, so all the celebrities joined in a kind of flashmob in the network and urge fans not to leave their homes unnecessarily. So, Katya Osadchaya was advised to spend the spare time usefully.

The presenter drew the attention of the fans on the case, which in everyday life is sometimes not enough time. To work at home can bring children who are too excited will make something new during the quarantine.

“Stay at home – a requirement and a necessity. How to spend time in the quarantine benefit? Write a to-do list for myself and my children,” said Katya Osadchaya.

What to do at home during the quarantine

To understand all things. From clothing to pens – method Marie Kondo and her magical cleaning. This same book Japanese master cleaning has become a bestseller around the world, because the method is really effective. I’ve made this method part of things and plan to do it again. Although in his book Marie gives half a year, now, during the quarantine, we can deal faster. “Magic maid” is available online.

The sport. Even those who usually do not exercise, now must pay him at least 5 minutes every morning. In the network there are many five-minute workouts, some of them I have adopted. With these simple exercises over three weeks, we’ll definitely looming cubes.

“Go” to the theater house. The Metropolitan Opera, the Vienna Opera house and other famous theatres and Opera now provide free access to their performances. Visit the website of the theatre, which wanted to visit, and enjoy the view.

Google Arts & Culture. Website and app for your smartphone or tablet, which published a huge number of works of art from different museums around the world. Pictures can be searched through museums, eras, trends or artists. Don’t forget to make a list of those museums where you need to be sure to go after the pandemic.

To learn foreign languages. If you wanted to improve your English or French, or finally master the Portuguese, now is the time to do it. I recommend each morning to stick around the house for 15 words, to teach them during the day, repeat in the evening before bed and the next day to be with these words. And so constantly. During the quarantine your vocabulary will increase significantly.

Remember the Hobbies of childhood. I used to macrame, embroidered and knitted. Later on it’s not enough time. Now I want to remember how to crochet.

Watch your favorite programs. Now when you get home, your favorite program is certainly not to be missed.