Katzman: “Komsomolskaya” program of the government is absolutely “no light” to exit the tunnel of crisis

Кацман: "Комсомольская" программа правительства абсолютно "не зажигает свет" для выхода из тоннеля кризиса

The program of the government of Denis Smihula once again proves that the current Cabinet is unable to cope with the challenges of the pandemic coronavirus and economic crisis as a legacy from the previous government.

This opinion was expressed by political expert, honored journalist of Ukraine Vladimir Katsman, the TV channel NEWSONE.

“If the reform Suprun would continue to exist, and representatives of the new government of Smugala already stated that he would take it as a basis to combat the coronavirus, the prospects are not good, to put it mildly. The government programme is a document, incidentally, is one of the most important along with the budget 99% the same as the program of the previous government Goncharuk! There are the same Komsomol slogans and beautiful phrases, and incredible plans to create a million jobs, although economists say we are likely to expect growth in the number of unemployed up to one million only for the quarantine period! But in this program there is nothing new! The program of the Cabinet of Smugala as 99% of repeats and programmes of governments Poroshenko in international cultural policy and education, science and medicine. It turns out that we fell into the trap, we again come to the old rake, and we need new programmes and new achievements!”, the expert stressed.

He also believes that the government should explain to the people why Ukraine takes a new loan from the IMF.

“We have now cleared the way to the International monetary Fund, that he “pushed” us a new loan obligations. “Sarasate” call it “outstanding achievements” and the fact that we succeeded in debt, not two, but four billion of the first tranche of happiness! Left only his hand on his heart to do and sing the national anthem! I have a question: why, for what a breakthrough project we take the 4 billion? Well, let’s give IMF of their interest for the previous loans, as pledged in the budget, without touching, by the way, this article budget sequestration. What’s next? But in the economy we will invest some money, we have any plans or projects that we could say, “God bless him, we laid the ground, laid the enterprises, but now we will launch this breakthrough project and will return the funds for the land, the IMF will pay our debt and will gain this much!”? There is such a project! Understand, what has changed from one Prime Minister that much, apparently, annoyed the President, on the other! Changed and Ministers, but fundamentally in approach, nothing has changed! Actually adopted the old government’s program, which operated since the days of Poroshenko, and that, unfortunately, the same deadlock, the same rake… Ask for a loan, do not reduce tariffs to the population, killing a population of “reform Suprun”. This brand does not meet the challenges of time, especially when humanity is struggling with the pandemic of coronavirus, and we on this background of a search for peace in the Donbass and to save the economy. This program is just a waste of time, no light at the end of the crisis tunnel is not burning it” – summed up Vladimir Katsman.