Keanu Reeves came on the show Saint Laurent with a girl: adorable photo

Киану Ривз пришел на показ Saint Laurent с девушкой: очаровательные фото

While all the fans were worried about recent statements by Keanu Reeves about being alone, Hollywood actor has visited a fashion show with a girl. Accompanied by a handsome artist Alexandra Grant.

Thursday, June 6, was expected to show new menswear collection of Saint Laurent spring/summer 2020. The event took place on a beach in Malibu, so all the guests could not only see trendy things, but also admire the incredible landscapes. Among the invited Hollywood actors and models, in particular, Miley Cyrus with Liam Hemsworth, amber Heard, Hailey Baldwin.

Despite such a stellar cast all the media attention was focused on the star of “John Wick” Keanu Reeves. He officially became the face of Saint Laurent, so broke my rule to avoid such social events. However, the journalists were interested in the fact that Keanu Reeves took to the red carpet, accompanied by Alexandra Grant with which he is credited with a novel. The artist gently held the actor’s hand and smiled happily.

Joint public release of Keanu Reeves chose black pants, shirt and long jacket. Such a total black image was supported by Alexander: she wore a dark dress, jacket and boots.

Киану Ривз пришел на показ Saint Laurent с девушкой: очаровательные фото

Keanu Reeves at a social event / Getty Images

Киану Ривз пришел на показ Saint Laurent с девушкой: очаровательные фото

Actor Keanu Reeves girlfriend / Getty Images

What is known about the personal life of Keanu Reeves?

As you know, the 54-year-old Keanu Reeves never officially married. But the media rumor has it that Hollywood actor accidentally married to Winona Ryder. Rumors have circulated the actress, who is convinced that during the filming of “Dracula” (1992) her and Keanu married a real Romanian priest.

Hollywood handsome refused to comment on it. The network is convinced that silent Keanu Reeves is associated with lost love, which all disturbing. The actor had a long-term relationship with Jennifer Syme, who died in a car accident in 2001. 2 years before the tragedy, Keanu Reeves and his girlfriend lost their only daughter Ava Archer. Double the loss of the actor for a long time could not survive. Although the actor is still not led a secular life, however, after the death of his beloved daughter and more resembled a hermit.

In the beginning of 2018 for the first time in decades, Keanu Reeves was spotted out on a date. The actor looked happy next to the artist Alexandra Grant. However, recently he said that alone.