Keep the Russian away from the Middle East and articulated purpose of American politics

Держать русских подальше от Ближнего Востока: озвучены цели американской политики

The Russian Embassy in the US responded to the call to “get out of the Middle East.” Russian troops are in Syria at the invitation of the government, pointed at the Russian Embassy in Washington, reported on the website of the Embassy in Facebook.

So the Embassy responded to the statement of assistant Secretary of state David Schenker that Russia should “get out of the Middle East” because it is “destructive role”.

“I would like to remind you that the Russian troops are in Syria at the invitation of the government”, – stated in the message of the Embassy.

“In these? my question to Mr. Schenker: on what grounds are these? country USA?”, – noted in the Embassy. On location in Syria, the us voi? SK had neither the lawful authority nor the UN Security Council, said the diplomats.

Schenker also said that during 45 years the “cornerstone” of US policy was “to keep the Russians away from the Middle East.” While the successful operations in Syria prompted Russia to participate in the conflict in Libya, the diplomat said. There, according to Schenker, as well as a “productive or not plays a stabilizing role.”