Keep your eyes on the fridge – the creators Control about side jobs

Не сводите глаз с холодильника - создатели Control о побочных заданиях

Compared to previous games, Remedy Entertainment action Control will be less linear. Game Informer was told about this earlier, and now presented material that is entirely dedicated to collateral assignments.

As an example, the journalist quotes one of these missions. Someone named Phillip asks the main character Jesse for help. In the room with the NPC is an old refrigerator (under the influence of supernatural forces items in the game can change its properties). Phillip says he can’t take my eyes off it, otherwise there will be something bad. Previously, the Bureau had organized the change of observers, but after the invasion of Hiss (Hiss) about the poor guy just forgot. You can save him (how is not specified), or pass.

As the author notes Game Informer, it’s a secondary job, like most others, will help you learn more about the game world. But to pass Control and can calmly skipping these quests – the main storyline is focused primarily on personal history Jesse.

Optional content in action helps to understand how the invasion of supernatural threats affect different locations in the Oldest House and its many employees. All additional information are gradually woven into a full story line and intersects with characters that you will encounter in the course of the main passage.

So you will better understand the context of what is happening, but side missions can also give a good reason for their implementation – the Objects of Power that grant you new abilities. That is, the game still will slightly push you to undergo additional quests without optional “skill” battles will become more difficult.

In addition, part of the “bosses” also hiding in the side quests. For example, in the above-mentioned mission with a fridge Jessie decides to help Phillip. He asks to go for the inspector of the PANOPTICON Frederick Langston. The journalist doesn’t want to spoil, therefore, says only that you not only will learn more about these characters and strange the refrigerator, but will meet with a certain villain, a battle which he calls “amazing and ambitious”.

In addition, there are action events called Alerts Bureau (Bureau Alerts). When you receive appropriate notice, somewhere near you there is a “point of interest”. If you hurry up there and run the event, you will receive valuable equipment.

The release Control will take place August 27 on the PC using Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Other notes about the game look in our news section.

Не сводите глаз с холодильника - создатели Control о побочных заданиях