Ken Block drove on the “Road of 99 turns”

Кен Блок проехал по «Дороге 99 поворотов»

American racing driver and stuntman Ken Block was in a controlled slide is the famous “Road of 99 turns” on the mountain Tianmen mountain in China.

The latest adventure of the famous American rally racer and showman Ken Block began the ascent up the mountain Tianmen mountain in China, on top of which is natural arch “Heaven’s gate”. The road to it consists of 99 hairpin bends that Block was overcome in the new drift car Hoonitruck based on classic pick-up Ford F-150 1977 model year.

Hoonitruck is one of four cars that showman approved for your new Grand adventure Gymkhana Ten. Drift pickup equipped 927-horsepower twin-turbo engine based on the engine racing Ford GT, which won a daily marathon “24 hours of Le Mans.” Pair them with a working sequential gearbox Sadev.

Video report on the rise of the mountain Tianmen mountain called Climbkhana Two was the second part of the new show. 9-minute video demonstrates how easy the Unit is to overcome the steep turns “road to heaven” on a full-size pickup. Previously, the path passed the Range Rover Sport SVR prototype electric Volkswagen ID.R. – official title holder of record of the track. In September this year ID.R., driven by French driver Romain Dumas climbed the serpentine in 7 minutes 38.585 seconds, breaking the previous unofficial achievement Range Rover Sport SVR by more than two minutes.

In the first part of the show Ten Gymkhana Ken Block went up on the mountain pikes Peak in Colorado, where the famous “Race to the clouds”. During a race, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the popular show Climbkhana, used four-wheel-drive Hoonicorn was built in the style of classic muscle car Ford Mustang 1965. The car was equipped with the 6.7-liter eight-cylinder engine with two turbines with a capacity of about 1400 HP

Кен Блок проехал по «Дороге 99 поворотов»

Кен Блок проехал по «Дороге 99 поворотов»