Kendall Jenner starred in advertising on horseback

Кендал Дженнер снялась в рекламе верхом на лошади

One of the most expensive models in the world posing in a red suit with short shorts.

Supermodel Kendall Jenner has filmed a new ad in a Frank manner. For the movie star rode on horseback. Video appeared on the official page of the model in Instagram.

Jenner has been shot for commercial of the collection spring-summer famous brand Longchamp. The video of the model running on the beach, then gets a horse and rides him along the water.

Jenner is dressed in a red top and short shorts with long laces in cowboy style on the edges. Also, the model is holding a purse.

In another video Jenner wearing the same clothes will be removed on the edge of a cliff near the sea in vintage cars.