Kerchane follow the movements of “tripod”

Керчане следят за передвижением «треноги»

The appearance in the mobile complexes photo and video fixation of the speed limit became a subject №1 in the Kerch communities drivers: fact actively publish “reports from the field” and take pictures of the mobile complex.

As already reported, the camera belongs to “Safe roads of the Crimea”, the firm installs such equipment throughout the Peninsula. Photos and video from the cameras is transmitted to the Center for automated commit administrative violations of traffic police.

The appearance of the cameras made the streets a lot of emotions, and although the necessity of prevention of road accidents is difficult to disagree, many local motorists, the novelty had no taste.

In online communities, the citizens share the latest information about the movements of the mobile complex. So, on Monday he was seen on a cul-Abinskom highway, street Chkalova, Kulakov, crossing Godyna and Komarov.

This morning the “tripod” seen in the area of settlements Traps and Mikoyan.

Mostly interested in the fact that you have correctly configured the camera and does the angle of view to record the speed right. In a storm of indignation on the emergence of the city’s enterprising privateers, however, kerchane expressed and sensible idea: don’t break – and all will be well.

Recall from the beginning of the year in Kerch, in an accident killed three people.

Керчане следят за передвижением «треноги»

Керчане следят за передвижением «треноги»