Kernes has signed the decision to rename the Avenue named after Zhukov

Кернес подписал решение о переименовании проспекта имени Жукова

The mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes declared that has already signed the decision of the city Council of the return current prospect Grigorenko previous name of Marshal Zhukov, which was before the Council.

Kernes confirmed it by phone the correspondent of “MediaPort”.

In conversation, he advised me to watch the solution on the website of the city Council. However, in the Unified register of the municipal acts of the decision published with the seal of the Department of organizational work, but without the signature of the mayor.

On the remark of the journalist Kernes said: “if there is a seal, so there is a signature”.

The decision to rename the Avenue named after Zhukov, deputies of the city Council considered the June 19. So, voted 59 deputies, against – 13. Another 13, including by Kharkiv city mayor Gennadiy Kernes, did not vote.

What is known about the renaming of the Avenue in Kharkov by the name of Zhukov?

On may 8 the mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes declared that wants to return one of the avenues of the city the name of the Marshal of the USSR during the leadership of Joseph Stalin and Georgy Zhukov. The appropriate petition was on the website of Kharkiv city Council. Kernes has promised that if the petitions get the required 5 thousand votes, he will do all dependent on the city government to bring these proposals to life.

Against the return of the Avenue named after Zhukov acted as social activists. In particular, they picketed the Congress party “Trust business” Kernes and the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov and demolished the bust of Zhukov, located on prospect Grigorenko.

Why rename the Avenue by the name of Zhukov breaks the law? This decision violates the law on de-communization, which operates in Ukraine in 2015. Because the law prohibited Soviet symbols and condemns the Communist regime. Note that in the framework of the law in Ukraine was renamed hundreds of streets and settlements, which had Soviet names.

Who is Marshal Zhukov,Soviet military commander and statesman, four times Hero of the Soviet Union. However, his identity is very ambiguous. The conviction of many experts, the Soviet leader didn’t value the lives of their soldiers. History says about him: “Zhukov will never lead an army into battle, if his people are not 5 times more than the enemy”.

Marshal Georgy Zhukov

Beetles also led military exercises of the Soviet army with the use of the Totsky range in the Orenburg region (Russia) nuclear weapons. They took place on 14 September 1954 and have terrible consequences.

So, from 45 thousand involved the military in 2013, survived a little over 2 thousand. Half of them are officially recognised by invalids of the first and second groups of 74.5% – diseases of the cardiovascular system, yet 20.5% of diseases of the digestive system, from 4,5% – malignant neoplasms and diseases of the blood. Also suffered about 10 thousand civilians from nearby settlements. Information on training is classified.

Watch the video from 24 channels of who Marshall Zhukov:

Кернес подписал решение о переименовании проспекта имени Жукова

Кернес подписал решение о переименовании проспекта имени Жукова