Kernes wants to move the volunteer tent on the Freedom square, on the square of the Defenders of Ukraine

Кернес хочет перенести волонтерскую палатку с площади Свободы на пл. Защитников Украины

The meeting of the conciliation Committee, which considered the appeal regarding the indefinite holding of a peaceful Assembly with the use of a tent on Freedom square, held may 15, in Kharkiv city Council.

The appeal regarding the indefinite holding of a peaceful Assembly on the square of Freedom was received may 12 from the citizen of Michael Swan to the e-mail of the Kharkiv city Council. This is the website of the Kharkiv city Council.

Director of infrastructure Department Sergey Dulfan informed that the tent is set up on the roadway, but in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On road traffic”, prohibited the placement of any structures on the roadway with the exception of the repair and construction works.

“This tent is located in the buffer zone of the contact network. When placing any object near the contact network is served by separate order to supply disconnection from contact networks, because in the case of the cliff people will be shock. This too was not done. Also, according to information from social networks in a tent is a supply of fuel and lubricants, to which it might lead, nobody knows. Therefore, we are categorically against the placement of the tents on the roadway. In addition, the design limits the visibility of the crosswalk and impede the flow of traffic,” said Dulfan.

According to the chief of Department of road economy of the Department of construction and road facilities of Anton Archer, Svobody is on balance of KP “Dorremstroy”, and any documents regarding the coordination of camping on the enterprise didn’t arrive.

The chief engineer of KP “Kharkov thermal networks” Alexey Luka said that in the area of the tents are vital communications for the city, and the installation design makes it difficult to access them.

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“In this area on the square is located the main camera that needs major repairs because there is a serious risk of the collapse of its construction. There is need to change two header latches, and to restore the structural elements of the camera itself. We have a limited time, and already you must begin to repair, but unless we have access to the object”, – said Luke.

The conciliation Commission decided to propose to postpone the holding of a mass event with the use of a tent from the Svobody square on the square of the Defenders of Ukraine. In case of refusal to instruct the Legal Department of the Kharkiv city Council within the prescribed period to ensure the preparation and presentation of the material in the Kharkiv district administrative court.