Keto diet triggers cancer doctors

Кето диета провоцирует рак - медики

British nutritionists have warned that a ketogenic diet can provoke large health problems, including cancer. It appears that in this diet there are serious violations in work of digestive system, reports

A study was conducted by specialists from Boston. Nutritionists have compared the state of the microbiota of the intestine and internal organs of the volunteers who comply with ketogenic diet and came to the conclusion that to use it longer than 4 weeks is dangerous. After this period, the body changes occur that can cause serious problems.

In particular, long-term use of a low-carb diet forces it to use to create energy the fats that leads to anorexia. Also in the body there are critical jumps in the level of glucose in the blood, which alters the activity of the pancreas. This can lead to diabetes and cancer.

The ketogenic diet was originally developed as a diet to help get rid of epilepsy in children, but it turned out that it also promotes weight loss. This made the diet very popular among celebrities, athletes and ordinary people. Diet contains large amount of fat, moderate – protein and low – carbohydrate. Nutritionists recommend it for 2-4 weeks, then take a break. Such a schedule will allow you to avoid health problems.

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