Kevin HART will play in “Monopoly”

Кевин Харт сыграет в «Монополию»

The scandal with the “Oscar” seems to have no impact on the career of Kevin HART, because after the box office success of the Hollywood remake of “1+1”, the actor simply snapped.

According to Deadline, Lionsgate and Hasbro, invited HART for the lead role in the long developing adaptation of the Board game “Monopoly”. The Director of the film stated Tim story, he, along with the actor’s listed as a producer. Lint on the script, Andrew Niccol (“Time”).

In addition, the Studio Sony Pictures wants to trust HART key role in the drama Sex Weiz “Fatherhood”, based on the bestseller Matthew Logelin “Two kisses for Maddy: a memoir of loss and love”, published in 2011. The screenplay for the film write itself Weitz and Dan Stevens (“City of angels”).

In “Fatherhood,” the audience will tell about the widower, engaged in raising his newborn daughter after his wife’s death. The tape will be the next project HART after he finishes star in the sequel of the movie “Jumanji: a jungle”.

Кевин Харт сыграет в «Монополию»