Kharkiv administrative court refused to recognize the volunteer tent threat to national security

Харьковский админсуд отказался признать волонтерскую палатку угрозой национальной безопасности

The city authorities of Kharkiv are trying hard to demolish the volunteer tent on Freedom square, under the pretext that it “spoils the appearance of the city,” and even attempted to do it through the courts.But the court did not go on about the officials and the mayor himself Kernes, the main initiator of the demolition.

Kharkiv district administrative court refused to satisfy the claim of the city Council, which asked to remove from the center of town a tent in which to collect the help to the Ukrainian military. To do “everything possible” in order to remove the tent, promised the mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes, reports Hromadske.

The court disagreed with the argument of the city Council that the tent allegedly threatened national security. The court also does not believe that the tent creates obstacles for the traffic.

The parties have days to appeal the decision.

Earlier in the center of Kharkov staged a protest against the demolition of the tents of volunteers, in which collecting the help to the Ukrainian military.

We will remind, the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes said that he wants to remove from the Freedom square in the city center tent volunteers and to return to one of the avenues the name of the Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov.

After a few days the petition on the website of the city Council to return the name of Zhukov received the required consideration of the number of signatures.