Kharkiv citizen, who stabbed his wife in front of daughters sentenced to 10 years

Харьковчанина, который зарезал жену на глазах у дочери, приговорили к 10 годам

The verdict of the Moscow district court of Kharkiv 53-year-old man was convicted of murdering his wife (part 1 of article 115 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

As told the head of Department of Prosecutor of the region Tatyana Sotnikova, the murderer sentenced to 10 years in prison.

In August last year convicted ruthlessly with his wife.

In the family often there were quarrels, so the woman decided to live separately from her husband. The couple even filed divorce papers. The day of the tragedy, they met near the house where they lived together for about 13 years, ostensibly to solve some “paper” issues. A man came to the meeting drunk, talking, he’s wife was jealous of the other. On this soil between them there was another conflict. A jealous man attacked a woman with a knife. 8 times he hit the victim in different parts of the body. In defense of the mother rushed adult daughter, who lived in the same house. She dragged dad and called an ambulance. However, to save the life of the victim, the doctors were unable the same day she died in the hospital.

In addition to an adult daughter, the deceased had left two minor children.