Kharkiv deputies returned to the Avenue Grigorenko the name of Marshal Zhukov (VIDEO)

Харьковские депутаты вернули проспекту Григоренко имя маршала Жукова (ВИДЕО)

Today, June 19, at the session of Kharkiv city Council Prospekt Petra Grigorenko in Kharkov was the name of Marshal Zhukov.

As the press service of the city Council for this decision voted 59 deputies. The mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes recalled that in early may on the website of the city Council petition asking to restore the former name of the Avenue, and for a day it gained about 5.6 thousand votes.

According to him, this decision is fully consistent with the Law of Ukraine “About the condemnation of the Communist and national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and the prohibition of propaganda of their symbols”, as it includes renaming and the demolition of monuments to Soviet leaders, but at the same time there are exceptions for cases where such historical sites are associated with resistance and expulsion of the Nazi occupants from Ukraine.

The most important thing in the Telegram

At the same time, today in Kharkiv held a rally against the return Prospekt Petra Grigorenko Marshal Gregory Zhukov, said the publication “Boiling”.

In Kharkov tried to demolish the monument to Soviet General Zhukov

To picket the city Council activists came under the flags of nationalist parties and some public organizations. They held posters “bugs killer”, “bugs – not victory Marshal, and Marshal of death.”

The Verkhovna Rada in April, 2015 adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers Law “condemning Communist and Nazi totalitarian regimes,” banned their propaganda and symbolism.

The Communist totalitarian regime 1917-1991 recognized in Ukraine criminal and pursue a policy of state terror.

The Nazi totalitarian regime also recognized as criminal and pursue a policy of state terror. The symbols and the propaganda of Nazism, national socialism, the activities of Nazi, fascist groups in Ukraine is prohibited.