Kharkiv has prepared a romantic surprise (photos)

Харьковчанам приготовили романтический сюрприз (фото)

News portal “Gorod” invites you to take part in a romantic flashmob “Love, like many in this word…”

To participate in the flashmob, you must add a photograph of yourself together with your loved one (noting who is on it and how much you together), in the comments under the news in the “Gorod” on Facebook, go to that you can. Additionally, you can connect your friends to vote with likes for your photos of the authors of the most popular photo waiting for the consolation prize.

Our competition is already not the first year is always a great opportunity to congratulate your loved ones and meet their fate. This annually Kharkiv share with “Gorod” in their love stories, the best of which we publish on pages of the website: the story of the fateful gift “GC” for Ania and Andrew; the story about happy SMS Sergei and Irina; familiarity in social networks Dato and Hope; what has led to humorous phone call to Olga and Vsevolod; and, of course, the story of Omar and Zoriana, which did not stop any borders of different States, nor the machinations of loved ones.

The submission of photos ends on February 11 at 12.00. And already on February 12 at 17.00 in the restaurant “Blinoff” in the presence of everyone we’ll determine the winning couple.

The winners will receive a prize (d17.00 on Tuesday 13 February): a certificate for a celebratory dinner at the restaurant “Blinoff”;

invitation to a romantic trip on the bus from TC “Amazing!”,

and you can watch an exciting film at the cinema “Park”.

The most active participants will receive incentive prizes from the restaurant “Blinoff”, maybe “Amazing!”, Kharkiv national Opera and ballet theatre, the planetarium, Kharkiv theater of musical Comedy, cinema, the Park, invitations for performances at the theatre “Forte”, Center of modern art “New stage”, Theatre for children and youth and other surprises.

* To participate in the competition are residents of Kharkov aged 18 years.

* The winners will be able to contact us by phone (057) 706-33-09.

Photos of participants will be posted in the gallery of the news portal Gorod and group of the website in social networks: Vkontakte, Facebook and classmates.

About the event

Valentine’s Day couple-the winner will receive three wonderful gifts from the partners of the news portal “Gorod”.

Start your day with the lovers going to the movies by invitation in one of the best theaters of Kharkov – multiplex “Park”. It is located in the heart of the city of Kharkov, Gorky Park.

The second item of the rich program of the day will be a romantic journey from TK “Amazing!”. Within the tour “Kharkiv story about love”, which takes place in an unusual format, you will drive around our city by bus or “old” good boat you will hear many touching stories.

And will finish this wonderful day, gala dinner in restaurant “Blinoff”.

Steak house is a chain of restaurants serving national and European cuisine. This school, which serves more than 50 kinds of pancakes and crepes. Here you can eat and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, relax in the comfort room. Festive decoration of the restaurant is in soft colours and homely atmosphere provided by the linen tablecloths, textiles on the chairs. There is a school on the second floor of the shopping complex “Caravan”. Here you will meet the mistress of the hall, which, together with the friendly waiters will make your evening unforgettable.

Virtuoso restaurant chefs will spoil you with birthday treats. And the bartender will make a dizzying cocktails and drinks.

And the winners of the contest and guests of the restaurant “Blinoff” appreciate the taste and variety of dishes.

Харьковчанам приготовили романтический сюрприз (фото)

Харьковчанам приготовили романтический сюрприз (фото)

Харьковчанам приготовили романтический сюрприз (фото)

Харьковчанам приготовили романтический сюрприз (фото)

Харьковчанам приготовили романтический сюрприз (фото)

Харьковчанам приготовили романтический сюрприз (фото)

Харьковчанам приготовили романтический сюрприз (фото)

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