Kharkiv kindergartens is preparing to open June 1

Харьковские детсады готовятся к открытию 1 июня

Preschools in the city of Kharkiv are preparing to adopt children from June 1 after the weakening of quarantine measures related to pandemic coronavirus.

As told the head of the kindergarten №399 Tatiana Oleshko, to receive young pupils is almost done. According to her, the territory of the kindergarten was divided into three zones with separate entrances. Children will take on the street from 8:00 to 8:45, the press service of the Kharkiv city Council.

“It is expected that of 290 children in kindergarten will be back around 130, and more specifically from 10 to 15 in each group. Them immediately on the street temperature taken, and parents will be asked about health of family members. After this, all children through seven different entrances will lead into the group. The input – processing hand antiseptic. After the children are raised in groups, the worker will wipe the handrails with a disinfectant and will hold wet cleaning. Parents in the kindergarten will not start”, – said Tatiana Oleshko.

According to her, the educational process in the conditions of the quarantine will be significantly adjusted. Weather permitting, the children will be walking on the street, on a big sports site. In groups provided only eating and sleeping in the bedroom the children sleep in two beds. In the groups cleaned the carpets, clay, Board games, leaving only plastic and rubber toys that can be washed. Every two hours the children will wash their hands and every four hours to measure the temperature (at 8:00, 12:00 and 16:00).

“We are in full amount of purchased products for cleaning and disinfection, masks, gloves, liquid soap and paper towels and another non-contact thermometer will do the rest of the week. Working day for our staff will start earlier as they are before the arrival of the children also need to measure the temperature yourself, disinfect and ventilate the room,” – said the head of the kindergarten.