Kharkov said that dogs zoo Director almost killed her dog – PHOTO

Харьковчанка заявила, что собаки директора зоопарка едва не растерзали ее пса, - ФОТО

Two huge dogs attacked a family pet of a resident of Kharkiv region and nearly tore the dog to pieces.

Irina Nogalska living in Dergachi believes that dogs of Kharkov zoo Director Alexey Grigoriev mauled her dog, Chihuahua. About it the woman told the journalist 057.

According to the owner of the injured dog, the incident occurred on January 20 when her father was walking her dog Richard. In Chihuahua was attacked by Alabai two and began to tear the animal. Father Irina was able to drive one of the dogs with a stick, but the second Alabai pounced on Richard and he suffered serious injuries.

“Dad went to walk with Richard and then out of the corner they ran two huge dogs. They deliberately ran to Richard. The father miraculously managed to ward off one, but the second attacked our pet,” he said the owner of the injured dog Irina Nogalska.

According to her, attacked the dog did not look unkempt and stray. Moreover, her father found out dogs who live with their neighbor in the household.

“We see them often and even watched them in the summer is walking. Without muzzles, and only on leashes. Two huge dogs. The comments people are neither the owners nor walking alabais the man didn’t react”, – said Irina.

The woman blames just because her dog was walking without a leash, which is contrary to safety standards, despite the room Richardl breed -Chihuahua

“If there was a leash, he might have been able to save and grab at his hands. I’m not going to blame anyone. Just wish our neighbor knew what his relationship to the dogs and the observance of all rules depends on the security of other animals and people. We approached him, but he said that he had these dogs and he does not have anything to do with this”, – said Irina.

In turn, the Director of KP “Nikolaev zoo” Alexey Grigoriev said that his dog could not attack a neighbor’s pet, as one of alabais died, and the second is on treatment.

“Understand, I sincerely sympathize with these people and understand their emotional state, but what happened was not technically possible. Yes, I have do from 2008 lived two Asian shepherd dog, which the people called Alabama, but one of them died, and the second very sore and not out on the street”, – told in telephone comments to the journalist 057 Alexey Grigoriev.

He also noted that in the area a lot of stray dogs because the town has no centre for treatment of animals, and it could be wild dogs like his pet.

He noted that was ready to show people your house, a sick dog and empty cages, but the owners Richard did not go on contact.

To date, the police knew about the incident and the incident was logged in the unified logging application and statements.

At present militiamen establish all circumstances of the incident, noted in a press-service GU of NP in the Kharkiv region.

With regard to the status of the injured dog, he rendered the necessary assistance. His owners are hoping that Richard will get better.

Харьковчанка заявила, что собаки директора зоопарка едва не растерзали ее пса, - ФОТО