Kharkov tractor plant in the Yaroslavl – in the list of the most promising Ukrainian exporters

Харьковский тракторный завод Ярославского - в перечне наиболее перспективных украинских экспортеров

Alexander Yaroslavsky managed not only to revive the Kharkov tractor plant after years of crisis, but also to export modern machinery of the newest model to foreign markets

As reported in the special project “Export potential 2019” leading business magazine “Business” plant managed by 2018 to double the export volume in comparison with indicators of 2017. Upgraded modern technique of production of the Kharkov plant in demand in the markets of Moldova, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania and Georgia. The farthest point of supply for New Zealand, the plant also eyeing the markets of the countries of the region of Oceania, is studying the possibility of supplying to the African continent, reports the edition “Business”.

“For two years, part of DCH group Alexander Yaroslavsky HTZ revived production and brought to market a modern, upgraded equipment, possessing critical characteristics for agriculture. An investor interested in development of economy of Kharkiv region became important, if not key event for the Kharkiv tractor plant. The group’s investments in DCH modernization HTZ – a multimillion-dollar long-term program, allowing you to create a technique that really interesting market. And export the best indicator of that success,” – journalists write about the role of the DCH Yaroslavl in the revival of one of the strategic enterprises of Ukraine, providing the domestic market with Russian-made equipment for agricultural purposes.

Operational reliability – the legendary trait technology HTZ. Low cost of acquisition, operation and customer service, and also another important element – compatible with all modern agricultural implements. Therefore, equipment HTZ a very wide range of applications: all types of tillage, sowing, harvesting, transportation, forage. Thanks to the work of designers and engineers Khartsyzsk pipe plant already offers a fairly wide upgraded model range of wheeled and tracked tractors. Applied innovative solutions have allowed to increase service life and extend the service life of individual components, parts and units.

The use of modern technology has allowed to significantly modify the critical nodes. The tractors are equipped with various engines depending on the conditions and objectives for their future operation, are equipped with foreign engines of the world famous manufacturer – the company IVECO. Thus, for two years HTZ composed DCH Yaroslavl his technique has made a significant evolutionary leap.

“HTZ began the long road to bring equipment in line with European and global certification standards – HTZ aimed at foreign markets. It should be noted that the production of interested representatives of the European countries. Recently, the factory at the request of the EU delegation to Ukraine has received a delegation of representatives of European diplomatic missions in 24 countries-members of EU”, – the authors of the special project “Export potential 2019”.

Khartsyzsk pipe also came close to selling not just tractors, and the development and sale of integrated solutions – technologies of processing of soil: “It is the result of cooperation with one of the leading wine producers of Georgia, – noted journalists. – As it turned out, the characteristics of the crawler tractor production HTZ ideal for the treatment of specific “heavy” soils, which planted a vineyard,” it means that in addition to the production of the usual tractors, HTZ is watching closely the special demands of customers and finds those niches that can confidently master the technique Kharkov production.

Today the Kharkiv tractor plant is the only CIS manufacturer as wheel and crawler tractors. It is the largest machine-building enterprises of Ukraine, leading its history since 1930, was acquired группойDCHбизнесмена Alexander Yaroslavsky in 2016. By the time of the change of ownership the plant was in a state of protracted crisis. However, thanks to the activity and investment of Oleksandr Iaroslavskyi, the company was able to resume work, to eliminate wage arrears, to restore profitable operations and to present the upgraded equipment. By the end of 2017, the plant produced 794 pieces of equipment, by the end of 2018 with its conveyor descended about 900 tractors.