Kherson Dnipro defeated the Ice wolves in the first match of the playoffs UHL: video

Херсонский "Днепр" разгромил "Ледяных Волков" в первом матче плей-офф УХЛ: видео

At the Kiev ice arena”, Chalet” was held the opening match of the quarterfinal playoffs of the Ukrainian hockey League, where the main outsider of the regular championship “Ice Wolves” took its third team championship of the Kherson Dnipro.

Ice Wolves – Dnipro 1:7 (0:3, 1:1, 0:3)
Washer: 0:1 Kovalenko (Gwatkin), 2:16; 0:2, Tongue (Romashchenko, Bondarenko), 6:20; 0:3 Pugachev (Romashchenko), 12:24; 0:4 Zolotukhin (Pugachev, Kovalenko), 23:38; 1:4 Ovchinnikov (Harrow – more.), 34:46; 1:5 Gwatkin (Decalo, Kovalenko – more.), 40:56; 1:6 Pugachev (Danube – more.), 41:21; 1:7 Pugachev (Romashchenko, Zeke), 46:28.

The first period of the match began with the attacks of the guests, already on 3rd minute of the match, thanks to the cast of Nikita Kovalenko, came forward. Three minutes later the score was doubled Evgeny Tongue, who scored his debut goal in the UHL. And on 13-th minute of the period Dmitry Pugachev scored the most of his team – 3:0.

In the second 20-minute teams exchanged goals. On the 4-th minute of the period, Ivan Zolotukhin made the score 4:0. And after 11 minutes Alexey Ovchinnikov scored the most “wolves” back a little intrigue to the game.

The third period began with the initial onslaught of gate of owners, which led to three abandoned washers in gate of Kiev. Scoring shots in the “Dnepr” featuring Andrew Gwatkin and twice Dmitry Pugachev. The wolves were never able to recover from the psychological blow and not found the strength for effective action. 7:1 – a well-deserved victory Kherson on the class that opened the scoring in the quarterfinal playoffs in their favor.

Next match of the series, the teams will play in Kherson, where on 5 March at 19.00 “Dnepr” on “Favorite Arena” will take Kiev.

The match of Ice Wolves – Dnepr