Kherson environmentalists are outraged that the plant “Micron” again began its work

Экологи Херсонщины возмущены тем что завод "Микрон" опять начал свою работу

We have already told you that the factory of asphalt mixture Mikron once again began to work with violations of the law, besides the residents who live near this enterprise has again deteriorated health, an Allergy and it became difficult to breathe.

Yesterday 16 September in the regional scientific library of Oles Honchar was held a meeting with environmentalists under the name “Kherson clean air”, where they expressed outrage that the plant, despite warnings from authorities and activists once again began to work with large disturbances. From his pipe once again began to stand out harmful substances, and despite the promise of the plant Manager to put protective filters they are there and not there.

Also according to the legislation of Ukraine, such a company should have a protective area from the emissions at a distance of 100 meters, here the situation is reversed, the houses are at a distance of 50 metres. Local residents have the right to say to the Prosecutor that the plant ceased operations in General, – said the Director of “eco-management group” Viktoriya Kovalenko.

However, local residents and activists have already given a request to the Prosecutor and to the Department of ecology at HOAG in August, but to no avail. The Prosecutor’s office only replied that he could open a criminal investigation only in the case where the negative impact on the health of local residents from the activities of the enterprise is proved.

The journalists of the newspaper “Hryvnia” made an appeal to the Ministry of energy and the environmental protection of Ukraine and got the answer that no inspections during the year on the territory of the enterprise was conducted, and a new test is planned only now, to do this, prepare the relevant documents.