Kherson water utility continues to work with debtors

Херсонский Водоканал продолжает взаимодействовать с должниками

Kherson Vodokanal started a campaign for individual communication with their debtors to address their problems with the debt payment for the services of the company.

Days some consumers have already received personal appeals, which were provided detailed information on the state of debtors ‘ accounts and suggested actions will help to avoid problems with the subsequent receipt of services. It is reported on the website of the water utility.

In the Law of Ukraine “On housing and communal services” 07.06.2018 G. was amended, according to which from 1 may 2019 Ukrainian water utilities in fact will have for the first time in its history, to turn off all their debtors from the water supply. Therefore, consumers of Kherson water Utility were invited to contact the company to clarify its data and individual solutions conditions the payment of debts, while it still has time.

It should be noted that consumers with understanding perceived the visits of the representatives of the Kherson water utility. In particular, the inhabitants of the house №5 along the street of Tiraspol helped the employees of a water Utility to track down debtors who reside in their home. They were interested in the changes in the law, consequences which can lead to debts for water and means of repayment. One of the residents after receiving the letter assured that will soon repay its debt, which is more than 8,000 UAH.

Today Kherson owed more than 60 million hryvnia. In this regard, the Kherson water utility wants to help the debtors through bilateral dialogue with each consumer individually. The company is ready to study the problem of each debtor and to propose optimal variant of its solution.

Importantly, consumers themselves realized the need of solving their own problems and entered into a constructive dialogue with the Kherson water utility. Debtors to the square.Yu.Tutushkina 9, KAB. No. 2, tel. 42-01-29, (050) 313-71-36, (050) 313-71-38, Contact center: 0-800-503-283.