Khmelnytsky of the Kiev police detained rapists who were wanted for three years

Хмельницкая полиция задержала киевских рекетиров, находившихся в розыске три года

Khmelnytsky police on suspicion of assault detained a group of citizens from Kiev. This reports the press service of the police in Khmelnytskyi region.

“Robbery group was in 2015, but for a long time it remained unsolved. Only with the creation at the end of 2018 in the structure of GUNP in the Khmelnytskyi region of the office of strategic investigations, which specializiruetsya on the disclosure of grave and especially grave crimes committed by organized criminal groups, there is a real chance to expose and prosecute dangerous criminals”, – is spoken in the message.

The staff of the office of strategic investigations in cooperation with detectives GUNP in Khmelnytskyi region with involvement of special forces, COVD and procedural management of Prosecutor’s office of the Khmelnitsky region detained citizens, residents of Kiev, at the age of 45-49 years.

It is noted that they were wanted for three years.

It is reported that these persons in 2015 in Slavuta, posing as police officers, took a local entrepreneur from the market at an abandoned cattle-breeding complex and, having used physical violence and threatened with weapons, robbed him of 120 thousand UAH, 5 thousand US dollars and gold products.

A number of the authorized searches in a residence and in vehicles of the suspects were seized a device for shooting rubber bullets, shotguns, rifles, ammunition, knives, dozens of license plates and registration documents for cars, an armoured vehicle of the elite class, which was used during the Commission of the robbery, and several cell phones with different numbers and ious citizens.

Now militiamen check group members on participation in other grave and especially grave crimes selfish and violent direction in not only Khmelnytsky region, but also in other regions of the country.

All investigative actions were carried out within investigation of criminal proceedings opened under part 4 of article 187 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (robbery). The sanction of specified article for robbery, aimed at the acquisition of property in large or especially large sizes or made by organized group with the use of weapons, provides for punishment of imprisonment for up to fifteen years with confiscation of property.

All three members of the criminal group as a measure of restraint detention. The investigation is ongoing.

In February 2019, in Odessa region the armed people in masks made assault on the farmer.

Хмельницкая полиция задержала киевских рекетиров, находившихся в розыске три года