Khodorkovsky is preparing in Berlin the tactics for the elections to the state Duma in 2021

Ходорковский готовит в Берлине тактику для выборов в Госдуму в 2021 году

The founder of the “Open Russia” held in the capital of Germany conference “Russia for citizens”, which, among other things, we are talking about the tactics of extraparliamentary opposition in the Duma elections in 2021.

“I do not live”, – said Mikhail Khodorkovsky, responding to a journalist’s question, who will succeed Vladimir Putin. The disgraced ex-oligarch’m sure in 2024 Putin will not leave from the post of the President of Russia, or he will not leave his entourage. And the simplest way to change the Constitution.

“If Mr Putin and may for whatever reason not be prosecuted in the event of his departure, then his entourage will be going through the bumps exactly,” said Khodorkovsky at a press briefing before the conference “Russia for citizens”, which on his initiative takes place in Berlin from 15 to 17 November.

“Smart voting” is necessary to modify

This conference, stated in its programme, represents “a space for uncensored conversation of experts and public figures who believe that the interests of the Russian society is not submitted by the Russian government.”

In plenary sessions and panel discussions this weekend, the speech, among other things, will go on the electoral situation in Russia and the chances the extra-parliamentary opposition seek election in 2021, their candidates for deputies of the state Duma. Answering the question DW, the founder of the “Open Russia” have declared that, most likely, the authorities will try to prevent the involvement of such candidates in the election campaign.

“Russia Mature authoritarianism, and no electoral strategy will not allow those people whom the government does not want to see elected, to be elected”, – said Khodorkovsky in an interview with DW. If a miracle happens, that, in his opinion, should be “modify” tactics “smart voting” Alexei Navalny and create a joint list of the democratic forces, who will vote for candidates representing the ruling party.

“The democratic opposition must work together to make a decision of any particular person or which specific structure will be supported and on what principles,” he explained. However, Khodorkovsky said, “today is absolutely impossible to say what the strategy will need to adhere to in 2021 because nobody can tell what rules will then apply to elections”.

The lessons of Hong Kong and help the West

A remarkable answer was given by Khodorkovsky to the question what lessons could be drawn for the Russian democratic opposition shares the protesters in Hong Kong.

“Processing methods, which are used by the protesters, thoughtfully he said, are extremely instructive, and as for awareness, preparedness and cooperation of the people, of course, the Russian opposition will have to go a certain way.”

However, he opposes the support of the political activities of the Russian opposition on the part of official Western leaders, believes that such support would be harmful, and I am glad that it is not.

Another thing – the actions of the Russian authorities against opposition in violation of human rights. “International partners that interact with our government should take a clear position,” said Khodorkovsky gave to understand that with the government, these rights are violated, to deal should not.

He is glad that representatives of the current government of Germany does not hesitate to criticize Putin for human rights violations in Russia. “But we know the former German politicians who talk about Putin as “pure Democrat”, but it let remains on their conscience,” reminded Khodorkovsky, referring to former German Chancellor Gerhard schröder (Gerhard Schr?der).

Hear whether Khodorkovsky in Russia?

Taking place in Berlin at the initiative of Khodorkovsky, the conference is the second of its kind. The first was called differently – “Russia instead of Putin,” it was held a year ago in Prague.

Don’t bother if the initiator is the fact that the forums on topical for the Russian society – and in Berlin, in addition to elections, also discussed the problems of the media, the situation in the Russian regions, the stagnation of the economy – are far from people. Hear whether Khodorkovsky in Russia?

“The world is global, and it does not matter where is an event, with the exception of one thing,’ he replied. – If you do this event in Russia, and I have repeatedly tried to do it in Russia, it is impossible to predict: this time the police will get the team to disperse this event or this time, for whatever reason, will not receive”.

Ходорковский готовит в Берлине тактику для выборов в Госдуму в 2021 году

Ходорковский готовит в Берлине тактику для выборов в Госдуму в 2021 году

Ходорковский готовит в Берлине тактику для выборов в Госдуму в 2021 году