KIA Seltos has become more popular cheap KIA Sportage

KIA Seltos стал популярнее недорогого KIA Sportage

From January to may 2020 crossover KIA KX3/Seltos in China has sold 25 000 vehicles, which exceeded the result of the former leader of the Korean brand – cheap crossover KIA Sportage.

In favor of this “budget” choice made 18 000 customers.

Recall that this SUV is sold only in China. Before the advent of the KX3/Seltos he wore the title of the most popular SUVs in China with the logo of a KIA.

This reduced SUV is based on “the truck” old Sportage third generation. The minimum price for this model is 108 900 yuan.

The cross is equipped with two-liter 161-strong “aspirated” or 140-horsepower turbo engine of 1.4 liters. “Younger” the engine is combined with 6МКПП or 6АКПП, and “senior” – with a 7-speed “robot” with two clutches. Front – wheel drive or 4WD.

KIA KX3/Seltos more compact, equipped with a less powerful engine (liter 115-strong) and has in its Arsenal the hollow actuator. Its initial price is almost the same as the Sportage – 108 800 yuan.

The advantages of the new KIA Sportage in front – a more dramatic appearance and a rich list of options in the “database”.