Kia Seltos on the path to sustainability, preparing electro version

Kia Seltos на пути к экологичности, готовится электро версия

The Korean public sector in addition to its low price promises to attract more buyers due to the electrification. The KIA brand is not going to lose customers and is on the path of innovation and demonstrate its potential.

The vehicle was seen in the table products, the debut is scheduled for the second half of this year. Seltos Kia EV will debut on the Chinese market. Here the model has a tendency to change KIA KX3 EV. This Korean SUV is designed for the local market.

Information about the characteristics model no. To compare is to draw a parallel with the current KIA KX3 EV. The powerplant produces 110 horses and is powered by a battery 45,2 kW/h power Reserve on a full charge is 300 km. the Maximum speed is limited to 150 km/h.

Seltos EV can offer two versions: standard for the city and long-range for lovers of long trips. The latter is expected to get the electric motor from the Elantra EV with a battery 56.5 kW/h. the Autonomy of this decision will be 500 km.

Recently, the brand KIA has released images of the new generation of Carnival. The van has acquired a fresh appearance on the current design trends of the brand KIA. He shows up in South Korea towards the end of the summer. Plans on Seltos to China, there is the following information: start of production in August, a production volume of 10 000 vehicles per year.

If Seltos EV will receive a high level of demand it can be expected in other markets.