KIA Sorento in new version will be a hybrid PHEV

KIA Sorento в новой версии получит гибрид PHEV

While the emergence of hybrid on the new generation KIA Sorento remain at the level of rumors. However, sources in the company, and the logic tell us about the maximum likelihood of this. Modern trends do not leave companies any other way than electrifying its product lines in varying degrees. The release of the next generation crossover is expected in 2020.

According to preliminary information, the basis of hybrid will fall 1.6-liter turbo engine with an output of around 150 horsepower. All the torque will be transmitted to the front axle. All-wheel drive will be provided by the motor. Information about battery yet, but expected the reserve will be in the range of 50-60 km.

Initially, the new Sorento will come with a 2.2-liter diesel engine. Paired with it will work automatic transmission in eight steps. All-wheel drive will be available in expensive models or as an option. The hybrid should appear later.

Unfortunately, KIA did not confirm the information about the upcoming hybrid versions Sorento. However did not deny, saying that the plan of electrification of the hybrid will appear sooner or later.

KIA Sorento в новой версии получит гибрид PHEV