KIA’s Plan: the development of electric vehicles and new mobility services

KIA Plan S: развитие электромобилей и новых услуг мобильности

KIA Motors has revealed the details of medium and long-term strategy Plan S, which strengthen the company’s position in the global automotive market and the development of new directions.

The initiative’s Plan, as noted, KIA provides for the transition from structure-oriented vehicles with an internal combustion engine, to the business? the organization, which will be based on the production of electric vehicles and personalized mobility solution.

So, next year it is planned to present the model designed exclusively for installation of electrical power plant. We are talking about the crossover, designed to blur the boundaries between sports models and SUVs. The power reserve on one charge of the battery exceeds 500 km fast charging from special station will take no more than 20 minutes.

By 2025, the KIA model range will consist of 11 cars. At this point, the company expects to take 6.6% of the global market for electric cars.

In addition, it is reported that by the middle of next decade, a quarter (25 %) of total sales of the brand will fall on the model with a hybrid or fully electric powertrain.

In Korea, North America, Europe and other developed markets, where there are the most stringent requirements for environmental performance of vehicles, KIA is focused namely on the development of electric vehicles. By 2025, sales of electric vehicles in these regions should reach about 20 % of the total volume of deliveries of cars of the brand.

In emerging markets, KIA will focus on expanding sales of cars with internal combustion engines, but for each of these markets individually will be created the most suitable package of proposals on electric models.

The share of SUVs and crossovers that currently approximately 50% of the total sales of KIA to 2022 is expected to increase to 60 % (excluding the Chinese market).

In the framework of the Plan’s KIA invests in the development of the model range and the deployment of new mobility services 25 billion US dollars.

KIA Plan S: развитие электромобилей и новых услуг мобильности

KIA Plan S: развитие электромобилей и новых услуг мобильности