Kickboxer Zhuravlev on the conflict in the Azov: the time of the fraternal peoples, they will shoot – 24 Channel

Кікбоксер Журавльов про конфлікт на Азові: часу братніх народів не буде, вони будуть стріляти - 24 Канал

Ukrainian kickboxer Pavel Zhuravlev, who was born in the Crimean city of Saki, shared his opinion on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which occurred near the Kerch Strait.

Zhuravlev told, what conclusions he made of the situation in the Kerch Strait in an interview According to him, it is almost all captured officers know personally. The oldest of them is his classmate.

“We knew then that whatever happened, its in their would not shoot. In a team – fight and send, but not to kill. And Ukrainian boats were applied artillery – getting into the wheelhouse.

Time fraternal peoples, many who are trying to return. They will shoot. And even if, in their opinion, there was a violation, it is possible to displace boats ships, not shoot him! This does not apply. This is an important message of all: everything is real,” – said Zhuravlev.

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