“Kiev-basket” won the first victory in the basketball League Champions

"Киев-Баскет" одержал первую победу в баскетбольной Лиге чемпионов

“Kiev-basket” won the Austrian “Kapfenberg” in the second match of first qualifying round of the Champions League – 73:63.

Kiev-Basket – Kapfenberg 73:63 (14:14, 16:18, 27:10, 16:21)

Of course, the time between the first and second match for some dramatic changes in the teams was too little. Also in the first half of the second match on the Playground had a lot in common with the first match.

The owners prevented a certain excitement and confusion in the action. The guests kept attempts starting pressure themselves subsequently went ahead.

It seems that in the big break, the coaching staff of the Kiev found the necessary arguments. Surely the hosts began the second half. The advantage allowed the “Kiev-basket” significantly change the result on the scoreboard. To a final quarter in Kiev was already 15 points advantage. They and aptly attacked the opponent, taking advantage and under the boards.

In the future, “Kiev-basket” did not cease to control the game, bringing it to a logical victory. The most successful owners became Casey shepherd with 17 points.

In the second qualifying round of the Champions League “Kyiv-basket” will play against Spanish “Burgos”.