“Kiev made the key mistake of underestimating the professionalism of the Russians on land and at sea”

«Киев совершил ключевую ошибку, недооценив профессионализм русских на суше и на море»

Ukraine should not hope that the American sanctions will help to stop the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”.

About the Kiev magazine “New time”, said Karel girman, energy expert of the Strategic group of advisers to support reforms under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

According to him, there are two key errors that makes now the Ukraine, the first of which – revaluation of the Russian plan to hold a gas transit by Ukraine.

“But it is worse to underestimate him. They are the professionals. And on land and sea. To rely only on sanctions USA,? my naive,” said the expert.

To confirm his words he cited the story of the pipeline “Union” in the 1980-ies, when the administration of US President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher tried to stop the process, imposing sanctions for the supply of equipment and compressor stations.

“But the pipeline was built, reminded girman. – Because I am skeptical that we can stop the Nord stream – 2”.