Kiev “propesochili” the MP Tishchenko’s a ridiculous PR

Киевляне "пропесочили" нардепа Тищенко за нелепый пиар

The Deputy Nikolay Tishchenko, who does not hide his ambitions to participate in elections of the mayor of the capital, made a powerful move on the eve of the primaries in which the party “servant of the people” will decide on a candidate. As the boyfriend, the Princess, the Deputy of the Kiev showered with gifts. As gifts Tishchenko chose the sand. About how transformed and prettier to do it in the sandbox in the Svyatoshinsky district of the capital, the people’s Deputy reported on his page in Facebook.

– Do hometown comfort! Responded to the application of Kiev about the lack of sand on the playgrounds and in conjunction with the management company Svyatoshinsky district, filled them. And this is only the beginning! If you asked us, but the new sand has not yet received, don’t worry – soon it will be your playgrounds! Taking all right turns and keep control of this process! he said.

All of course understand that elections is a game for the big boys in the adult sandbox, but that is so literal metaphor? Thank-you comments under the post Tishchenko, of course, there was – it started good, anyway – but drowned in a stream of sarcastic jokes. And now all well remember, of what the Deputy is drying up.

The sand – good. but why not at the same time to change themselves elderly sandbox, ask Nikolay Tishchenko Kiev.

Thank you, our patron and philanthropist, for this generous gift to the city, even if the button on the 3rd floor in the Elevator at Bohdan Hawrylyshyn, 6, will be repaired, my voice is definitely yours! – write Kiev.

– Pace Nicholas a sure win in the upcoming mayoral election. It is well known that the main problem of Kiev – the lack of sand on the playgrounds – noted residents of the capital.

– The motto of the campaign should be: “will Heap a bunch more!” – note readers.

– Well, the victory is in your pocket! Lord, thank you for such a Person. And you can still water in ponds and ash in ashtrays to organize? – ask the residents of the district.

“Finally, real reform!”, “Gently improving”, “Nicholas, pour more!”, “So we will win, or bust!”, “Don’t stop! Better yet – on top of the gravel and the asphalt,” continues the parade of review.

Киевляне "пропесочили" нардепа Тищенко за нелепый пиар