Kiev to be stuck in a serious traffic: where it is difficult to pass

Киев «застыл» в серьезных пробках: где трудно проехать

Closer to the evening of June 26 in Kiev has formed serious traffic jams. This is especially noticeable on the right Bank of the capital. This is evidenced by Google Maps.

Drivers have to sit in traffic on the street of Kyiv, Khreschatyk, Vladimir descent, Naberezhno-Rybalska the street and on Povitroflotskyi Avenue, goloseyevsky Avenue and riverside drive.

Also, the movement hampered by accidents on the street Zhylianska, street Semena Sklyarenko, the prospect of Stepan Bandera, the Boulevard of Friendship of peoples. We still have limited movement near several metro stations: University”, “Khreshchatyk”, “Maidan Nezalezhnosti” and “Lev Tolstoy Square”, “Olympic”, “Vydubichi”, “Friendship of peoples”, “pochayna”, “Kharkiv”, “Forest”.

Left Bank “is” in traffic on the prospect of Unification, Brovarsky Avenue.