Kiev Zhekov owe the people 90,5 million UAH – by the state foods and consumer service

Киевские ЖЭКи должны вернуть людям 90,5 млн гривен - Госпродпотребслужба

Utilities systematically overcharge for their services.

Businesses are required to make Ukrainians 105.5 million UAH. for what sold them goods and services with the overstatement of government regulated prices. To such conclusions came Gospodarevskaya the results 227 107 scheduled and unscheduled inspections conducted by the auditors in the first half, reported the press service of the Ministry.

Officials say that ignoring the requirements of the authorities relative to the marginal cost of services, almost everything. Inspectors found violations at 71.3% of the audited companies. As a result, companies-violators of the prescribed penalties on 6.6 million UAH. In addition, in 170 cases, made up of instructions about elimination of the revealed discrepancies.

And obliged to compensate damage to consumers in the amount of 105.5 million UAH. The lion’s share of this amount (90,5 million UAH.) needs to restore people’s utilities, which serve housing stock in Kiev. Such an allocation, the auditors were obliged to do by the end of 8 scheduled inspections.

They found violations and the calculation of benefits for payment of utility bills. In the office, said they were warned in the first half of the unjustified financing of budget subsidies in the amount of 5.3 million UAH.

Earlier wrote about the fact that Ukrainians deception increase the tariffs for service of houses and house territory.