Killed a Brazilian model Carolina Bittencourt: known cause

Погибла бразильская модель Каролина Биттенкур: известна причина

Promising Brazilian model Carolina Bittencourt died at the age of 37 years. It happened during her vacation with husband Jorge Santini.

As reported Exitoina, a tragic incident occurred on Sunday, April 28, near the Brazilian island of Ilhabela. Lovers Carolina and Jorge decided to arrange a romantic walk on a yacht. The model has brought small puppies.

“On Board there was only she, her husband and the puppies. Animals fell into the sea due to strong winds, and Caroline jumped in after them,” said a friend of the deceased model.

However, due to the strong waves Carolina Bittencourt and are unable to get to shore and drowned. According to the Manager of the star, Jorge Santini tried to save his beloved, but the storm failed to do so. The body of the deceased model was found by rescuers on Monday, April 29.

Now relatives, friends and fans of Carolina Bittencourt mourn her death. The husband of the models Jorge Santini still recovering from the experience and refuses to talk to the press. The circumstances of the death of Caroline Bittencourt is already investigating law enforcement officers.

Carolina Bittencourt married Jorge Santini in February 2019. One of the most famous star couples Brazil staged a lavish ceremony that became a highlight of the year. So friends of the deceased model, with sympathy written that I can’t even imagine all the pain that Jorge feels, because “he’s so little time had on happiness with Caroline”.