Killed jeweller Kiselev claimed more than 400 pounds of treasures from the state storage

Убитый ювелир Киселев унес более 400 килограммов драгоценностей из Госхранилища

The head of one of the jewelry companies to Sergey Kiselyov, recently murdered in Kiev in the years 2018-19 returned a significant part of jewelry that law enforcement officers had seized during a search in 2010. All of the property of the businessman was in a State Depository of precious metals and stones.

At the time, who was killed recently in Kiev, the owner of a jewelry factory Sergei Kiselev, law enforcement officers seized jewelry and other valuables. It happened in the criminal case during the time of the President-the fugitive Victor Yanukovych. Subsequently, these same values and material values, the investigators found, after opening the case on bribery in the so-called “diamond prosecutors” Oleksandr Cornice and Vladimir Shapkina.

What is known about “diamond prosecutors”?

At the beginning of July 2015, the SBU carried out a search in the main investigation Department of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. As a result militiamen have detained the first Deputy chief of the GPU, Vladimir Shapkina and the Deputy Prosecutor of Kyiv region Oleksandr Cornice. According to investigators, they became participants in the corruption conspiracy and received a bribe of 3 million 150 thousand hryvnias. During searches of the Shapkina were seized 500 thousand dollars, and the Cornice – a lot of jewelry, 65 diamonds and a Kalashnikov. After this scandalous prosecutors were called “diamond”.

As told in Prosecutor’s office of Kiev, in the period from 23 June 2018, 24 January 2019 Kiselyov, in particular on the basis of his appeals to the Prosecutor’s office, was returned a significant portion of the withdrawn values. They stayed in temporary custody to the State repository, writes “UKRINFORM”.

The sources of the resource in law enforcement, for its part, announced that Kiselyov took this period of time 25 parcels previously withdrawn dragozennosti. Their total mass is 373,312 pounds. However, three parcels weighing 21.33 kgs he can pick up not have time.

The Prosecutor also noted that these values were seized during the searches on 30 July 2010 at the premises of LLC “YUVK-agate” (the founder of this firm was Kiselev – 24 channel), “YUVK-Onyx”, OOO “V. K.-Agat “and OOO” Alyans-SK “. The offices of all of these enterprises are located in Kyiv, Frunze street, 102.

During these searches police seized accounting documents of the above companies, more than 50 thousand pieces of jewelry with a total mass of about 400 kg of 1 million 329 thousand dollarsand also state the brands with the prints. The Ministry added that the seized during searches at the enterprises of the dollars returned Kiselev more Aug 17, 2011.

Appropriate investigations have been made on the basis of the decision of the Deputy chief of the Main investigation Department of the Ministry of interior and was carried out in 2010 in the framework of the criminal case. Its essence lies in the fact that the employees of LLC “YUVK-Agat” was charged with forgery of documents and carrying out economic activities on manufacture and sale of jewelry, they violated the licensing terms. The first case involved the investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs, but on March 28, 2012 it was transferred to the Main Department of the MIA in Kyiv city. November 4, 2014 248 volumes sent for further investigation to the investigative Department of the Podolsk district management of the Ministry of interior in Kiev. Meanwhile, pre-trial investigation is carried out into the forgery of the report on operations with precious metals for the 4th quarter of 2008 from the “YUVK-agate”. Also known to be a consequence of closed episodes in which previously the firm was accused of manufacture and sale of jewelry in violation of the licensing terms.

Sergei Kiselev, was killed by unknown in police uniform, hitting him in the head, March 5, in Kiev. At the moment of shot businessman was behind the wheel of a car. He died at the scene. The attacker is now wanted by law enforcement. According to militiamen, this person is not tall, with short dark hair, and his police uniform had three stars on his chest.

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14 Mar


Убитый ювелир Киселев унес более 400 килограммов драгоценностей из Госхранилища