“Killer” molekularnych motorcycles: Indian brand will present 13 Nov electric bike

«Убийца» малокубатурных мотоциклов: индийский бренд представит 13 ноября электрический байк

The Indian brand will present 13 Nov electric bike, challenging the traditional two-wheeled technology with internal combustion engines working volume of 250-450 CC

A year ago Ultraviolette Automotive startup announced the bike. With the development of the concept from idea to production model, a preliminary version has undergone significant changes – how will it be different from a road bike, says the teaser image.

Very nice sportbikers machine named F77 call the competitor models with engines up to half a liter, but in fact he can be surprised and those who ride on high-volume equipment. Motor “Indian” will not impress a capacity of 34 HP, but the torque is 450 Nm is really something unbelievable for a motorcycle. Thrust is twice the magnitude of the three-cylinder engine Triumph Rocket III will become the envy of many cars! Acceleration to 97 km/h (60 mph) will keep within 3 seconds.

Interesting for you looms model?