“Killer shape”: scientists named the most harmful drink

"Убийца фигуры": ученые назвали самый вредный напиток

Drink which morning almost every one of us is not good, was can be quite dangerous and even can lead to dangerous health problems, e.g. obesity. This is reported by “The Herald Sun” citing studies by scientists of the medical research Institute of Western Australia and the University of Western Australia.

It should be noted that the abdominal fat is associated with many deadly diseases, and doctors warn about the inadmissibility of obesity of internal organs.

Australian researchers have found that coffee, which is useful in small doses, becomes a killer figure in the uncontrolled use.

All in chlorogenic acid. It is produced by the body from a couple of cups of tea, lowers blood pressure and inhibits the accumulation of body fat. But it is necessary to afford more coffee acid dramatically gets in the internal organs and erases all of its beneficial properties.

Scientists said that 5 cups a day lead to the accumulation of visceral fat. Mouse over which were experimented learned, sorting through the coffee, dramatically fat. Moreover, body fat that is growing on my stomach.

It should be noted that cups of coffee Finnish scientists have attributed magical properties to relieve hangovers. They found coffee in two times reduces the effect of alcohol on walking all night the body.

As it turned out, five cups of coffee the day after libations help to stay in shape and, moreover, protect the body from enzymes that attack the liver and increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Most harmful enzymeproduced in the body after drinking of alcohol is the liver enzyme gamma-glutamyl transferase or GGT.

Alcoholic math is as follows: four bottles of wine a night increases the level of GGT in three times, and the coveted five cups of coffee after a binge reduce the amount of enzyme half.

To find such a simple but brilliant solution, Finnish researchers interviewed 19 thousand men and women aged 25 to 75 years. They honestly answered, how many units of alcohol they usually drink and drink coffee. Then the respondents were measured the levels of GGT.

The result surprised: the people zloupotrebiti before, but zapivshego all coffee, GGT level was two times lower than those who just spent a Jolly evening, but a coffee for themselves in the morning, not poured.

Unfortunately, the opening of the Finnish scientists pleased only men. Magical effect on the enzyme GGT coffee has only in the body of the representatives of the stronger sex, women have it on the condition after having fun night somehow not affected. But to get better from 5 cups of coffee they can with men.

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