Kills 90 days: the world is spreading a dangerous infection

Убивает за 90 дней: по миру распространяется опасная инфекция

Worldwide massively distributed fungus called Candida auris, who can’t be killed with drugs. The alarm was sounded at the American Center for control and prevention (CDC), reports

The existence of the fungus known since 2009. Then, it found in the secretions from the patient’s ear in Japan. Since then the fungus has spread in Colombia, South Korea and India. Only in February 2019 in the United States has registered 587 confirmed cases of C. auris.

The fungus affects people with weakened immune systems who are in hospital or have severe disease. Outbreaks of the fungus was only in hospitals and medical centres around the world. C. auris is not treatable with any anti-fungal drugs. It can also live in walls and furniture for several months.

45% of patients died within 90 days after the diagnosis of infections of C. auris.

The symptoms of Candida auris

Initial symptoms are fever, pain and fatigue. With antibiotic treatment, the patient’s condition is not improving. The disease can be fatal, especially if the fungus spreads to the blood, brain or heart. Because it can cause complications, in particular, Candida auris can cause sepsis.

In the presence of the fungus, the patient’s temperature may rise, your blood pressure may decrease.

But given that people in the presence of the fungus usually there is another underlying illness, find it difficult to distinguish the symptoms of Candida auris from other diseases. Only a laboratory test can diagnose an infection of C. auris.