Kim Jong-UN equated teen sex to treason

Ким Чен Ын приравнял подростковый секс к госизмене

DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN has equated teen sex to treason, because reading the sex between teenagers are “immoral” and “wicked,” according to the newspaper Express, citing Radio Free Asia.

Moreover, he equated it to treason, because such behaviour “is helping the enemy to destroy Korean society.”

“Immorality students caused by the influence of the capitalist way of life, the proliferation of electronic media, as well as imported from neighboring China pornography. And it “becomes a problem,” said Kim Jong-UN.

To stop the growth of “sexual promiscuity”, the authorities ordered schools to check the phones of adolescents for the presence of prohibited materials and visits to unwanted sites. Teenagers, which will find “forbidden” material, as well as their parents and teachers will be severely punished.