Kim Kardashian admitted if she has in fact an incurable disease

Ким Кардашян призналась, есть ли у нее на самом деле неизлечимые болезни

The reality star Kim Kardashian was forced to relive his fans, because in the new issue of “the Family Kardashian” she declared incurable diseases. Now a celebrity has passed additional examinations and declared their diagnosis.

In the new episode of the show Kim Kardashian once again spent the day at a private clinic, reports Entertainment Online. Most star was bothered by pain in the hands, so the doctors decided to conduct additional screening. As a result, Kim happily said that it is not suffering from lupus.

“First, we conducted analyses to confirm speculation about the lupus. However, they were negative: Kim no lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. So, I can reassure everyone. This is probably psoriatic arthritis,” – said the medic.

The diagnosis Kim Kardashian came as a relief. The actress has already started treatment against psoriatic arthritis, which without medication can lead to disability. In the reality show Kim Kardashian decided to encourage all fans who have the same health problems and admitted that her family gives her optimism in any situation.

Regardless of what happens in your life, you can spend the time to be sad for a second… and then think about how to treat this positively, because of the depression nothing will change
noted Kim Kardashian.

As you know, the suspicion for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis Kim Kardashian said during the debut issue of the new season of “Family Kardashian” (Keeping Up With The Kardashians). The star did not hold back despair and said that never thought I would be among people with incurable diseases.

Now everything is under control, but auto-immune problems are truly frightening. Until recently, I never thought I would be among the sick people. The thoughts swirling in my head, thinking the worst. From all this you can really fall into a depressive state. I got out of it, but I was scared – shared Kim.

According to her, during the preliminary examination she was diagnosed positive samples for Volchenkov rheumatoid arthritis. Both diseases can cause severe pain in the hands, on which Kim Kardashian has complained about for several weeks. The first symptoms celebrity found after a surrogate mother gave birth to her fourth child. Therefore, physicians suspected the cause of the exacerbation could be a stress.

Lupus is a disease in which the immune system produces too many antibodies which causes the reaction of the organism that lead to inflammation of body parts, skin or organs. Inflammatory processes that cause lupus, can cover almost all organs and systems of the body: joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart, lungs.

Rheumatoid arthritis doctors call “cancer of the joints”. Manifestation of the disease are swollen joints that become deformed. What exactly is the cause of the disease, is not known. But patients usually associate the beginning of rheumatoid arthritis with a cold, stress, sore throat and even bad heredity.

In addition, one of the richest Americans for several years of struggling with psoriasis, so already knows how to overcome the symptoms of this incurable disease. Kim Kardashian is not afraid to talk about their diagnoses and to demonstrate imperfect skin with redness. For all the people who have the same health problems, the star has created a special creams that mask all the flaws and irritate the skin. In one of the clips, Kim showed how toned traces from injections and IVS.