Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attend the sexologist: what do we know

Star wife Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are experiencing a difficult period in family life. Socialite and rapper are unable to resolve the problems that arose between them, so I decided to seek help from a specialist.

The marriage of Kim and Kanye is known as one of the strongest in show business. They once again faced a crisis in the relationship. Before they were helped by family counselors, and now the couple attends sessions with a sex therapist. This publication reports The Sun.

In may 2019 the surrogate mother gave birth to the family Kardashian – West fourth child. A newborn baby boy named Psalm, which means “biblical character.” It would seem that the desirable son will unite a large family, but after his birth there were even more problems.

Also on the marriage influenced by the fact that Kanye West began to hold Sunday services. Along with the Church chorus, the rapper sings gospel songs. Typically these events take place at the home of Kim and Kanye. To get to this service is by invitation only, signing a document on non-disclosure.

Socialite hopes for a sex therapist and believes that he will be able to solve all their family problems. A couple of visits a specialist once a week.

They hold sessions not less than once a week. They each talk about their frustrations to the expert who gives advice on how to open up and communicate better. Now Kim and Kanye are totally focused on their problems,
says an insider.