Kim Kardashian commented on the rumors of rhinoplasty (photo)

Ким Кардашьян прокомментировала слухи о пластике носа (фото)

American socialite Kim Kardashian denied the intervention of surgeons to adjust some features of your face. Moreover, a businesswoman constantly looking for excuses for other plastic surgeries, saying that doing the injection in the buttocks because of disease. Well, our song is good…

Fans of Kim for many years I suspect 38-year-old reality TV star of “the Kardashians” in rhinoplasty (nose job), however, the wife of Kanye West constantly repeats that do not adjust the shape of their nose, reports the Daily Mail.

During the master class on applying makeup Kardashian openly talked about her plastic surgery to her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. In the conversation, the socialite said that her nose has changed due to plastics, and from childbirth.

How has the face of Kim Kardashian in 13 years / AP

“I never touched your nose. Everyone thinks I did, but I always answered: “Wait until I have children, because only then will reveal the real face” – said Kim.

The makeup artist confirmed that visually remove a hump from the nose Kardashian with the help of contouring the face. Plastic surgeon new York David Cantiello confirmed that this effect can indeed be achieved using makeup.

“I don’t think she had a rhinoplasty. Her nose was relatively small and beautiful shape back in 2008. It is more likely that this is due to either with makeup or photo-lighting,” says Cantiello.

The doctor noted that a similar result can be achieved with injections, however, if the celebrity is so often resorted to the fillers, her nose would not look so neat.

2006 and 2012 / Wire Image

At the same time, and the wife of Kanye West, which resorted to various manipulations on the body due to difficulties in family life with 41-year-old husband, agree that on some pictures she looks like a completely different person.

Kim Kardashian in the 90s / Instagram

Kim Kardashian in 2007 / REX

“I look at some pictures and say: “Wow, in some pictures the bulge on the nose looks much more than other”, surprised said Kardashian. However, blindly trust Kim is not worth it as the girl still denies that increased its outstanding buttocks.

To stop the rumors about the inserted butt implants – businesswoman even x-rayed in one of the editions of the reality of “the Family Kardashian”. Note that when foreign bodies in the fifth point of the artist were found, but many suspected that the wife of Kanye West has increased buttocks with the help of pumped from other parts of the body fat.

Kim Kardashian showed the horrific consequences of the incurable disease, which, according to socialite, began to inject on your own ass.

Ким Кардашьян прокомментировала слухи о пластике носа (фото)

Ким Кардашьян прокомментировала слухи о пластике носа (фото)

Ким Кардашьян прокомментировала слухи о пластике носа (фото)

Ким Кардашьян прокомментировала слухи о пластике носа (фото)