Kim Kardashian decided to seek the services of a surrogate mother for a fourth child

Ким Кардашьян решила вновь обратиться к услугам суррогатной матери ради четвертого ребенка

The main star Intagram Kim Kardashian decided to get the fourth child to carry and give birth to a surrogate mother. About this designer and social activist said during a visit to the talk show Jimmy Fallon.

Now the family of Kim, who is married to one of the main rappers of our time Kanye West, already has three children – two daughters and North Chicago, the son of the Saint. At the same time, the most younger child – a 12-month Chicago West was born not Kim herself, and a surrogate mother. The decision was taken family by Mr. and Mrs. Kardashian-West after the doctor warned Kim against another pregnancy because it can lead to death.

Apparently, these considerations 38-year-old TV star decided to follow after he realized that he wanted another child. At the same time, according to Kim herself, a surrogate mother is already at the 4th month of pregnancy.

Commenting on the reasons which prompted it to decide to become a mother to another child, Kim said that this kid, who, as it became known, will be a boy, will have to bring a balance in number of men and women in the family. And in addition, the increase in the number of family of the couple will allow a step closer to get closer to the dream of Kanye about the huge family that would lay the Foundation of a full-fledged dynasty.

At the same time, however, Kim jokingly complained that now she hardly has the strength to cope with three children, who are sometimes immersed in absolute chaos.