Kings of likes and dislikes allowed in YouTube version BloggerBase

Короли лайков и дизлайков в YouTube по версии BloggerBase

Analytical company BloggerBase together with the Agency Woombat presented top kings likes and dislikes allowed popular YouTube for half of the first summer month.

The king likes (2 million thumbs-up) has become a popular blogger-Challenger Vlad A4 readership of over 20 million subscribers. Second place went to the musician Alisher Morgenstern with 7 million subscribers, he scored 1.6 million likes. It is noteworthy that these same influencer steel and kings dislikes allowed.

Morgenstern scored a record number of proprietary Dizy 2.2 million, and Vlad A4 – almost 90 thousand.

The resonance in the channel Morgenstern called not publish the expected track of the Cadillac, and the output of other provocative songs, which subscribers are not appreciated. Once showered a huge number of dislikes allowed, the musician initially tried to justify their Instagram, but recovered quickly and decided to turn the situation to his side, urging followers to put more proprietary Dizy and try to beat previously set Timothy and Guf’om record finger down on the clip “Moscow” 1.4 million dislikes allowed (until deleted).

At the beginning of July video Morgenstern has gained 2.2 million proprietary Dizy and broke the record of popular rappers.

“Morgenstern is feeling the crowd, her desires and weakness. It is still unclear, it is behind the PR team or he decides to stir up interest in his person. Alisher teaches us one important rule in the media field, it does not matter what they say about you on the Internet, the main thing to say. Influencer needs to entertain the crowd, create a topic for discussion, as it is part of his show. Now a day it is possible to ruin your reputation, and a month later forget all about it. When influencer disable complexes and will feel able to accept this rule, then he will get the desired result and engagement.”

Vlad the A4 also did not please the audience, but not her, and burst into the trends of video sharing blogger of Ivanka. The fact that children compete in the number of subscribers. Also a lot of talk about creativity Vlada – it copies your videos, peeping from foreign colleagues.

In the top siliconix bloggers also included gamer Roma “Compote” (a 4.64 million subscribers) with 1.3 million thumbs-up. In fourth place is one of the most popular ticktockers Russia Danya Milohin with his YouTube channel Dream Team House (1.72 million subscribers). Dan and his team got 1.1 million likes. The fifth king – the experimenter Maxim of the Monks (his second channel Mamix) to 7.17 million subscribers. He scored 1.05 million thumbs-up.

Huseyn Hasanov (1.37 million subscribers) and its entertainment content scored 71 469 dislikes allowed. The largest contribution was made by the publication of a documentary about himself. The audience clearly did not appreciate such a narcissistic approach, for which the blogger is paid.

4 aspiring singer Yegor Tongue (1.17 million subscribers), who scored 69 of thousands of proprietary Dizy. And on the 5th place also broke the young singer Pasha AkStar from 1.32 million subscribers. Pasha was sadistically 49 650 times.

If to be a king like and favorite audience is the dream and goal of perhaps every blogger on any platform, can we assume the leadership dislikes allowed a good result is debatable. But do not forget that the black PR is also effective if you do it skillfully.