Kirill Shevchenko – the only banker among the TOP 25 most successful Ukrainian managers

Кирилл Шевченко - единственный банкир среди ТОП-25 самых успешных украинских менеджеров

The Chairman of the Board of Ukrgasbank Kirill Shevchenko became the only representative of the banking community, which included the TOP 25 most successful Ukrainian managers in the annual rating of magazine “money Power”.

The main criterion in the selection of candidates was the ability to find effective answers to the challenges that have arisen from circumstances beyond the control of companies.

For 5 years the management Board Kirill Shevchenko the Ukrainian Ukrgasbank became the leader of ecobanking and received worldwide recognition. The international Finance Corporation (IFC, member of world Bank Group) announced the UGB the best issuing Bank in Eastern Europe in 2019. And joining the Global programme of trade support allowed the Bank to increase volumes of financing of foreign trade contracts of its customers and to support efforts to modernize the economy of Ukraine.