Kirillovka full house filled most lodges and hotels

В Кирилловке аншлаг: заполнено большинство баз отдыха и отелей

Resort Kyrylivka is again experiencing a tourism boom. Due to the influx of tourists many resorts and hotels loaded to capacity and rooms sold at least 1.5-2 weeks in advance. What is the situation with booking rooms of different class, says

The holiday season 2020 in Kirillovka develops is not quite a typical scenario.

If the beginning of June was very weak, and the demand only on the VIP-rooms and accommodation on the island biruchiy. In this segment of the budget rooms and the middle class was virtually no demand.

Now virtually all homes with rooms loaded with a surplus for the next 2 weeks. Not to mention recreation with a private pool. The economy segment with facilities still have not even downloaded anywhere on the first line.

Middle-class housing in the centre of the village, according to the booking service “Кирилловка24” for the next 2 weeks are filled to 80-85%, economy class loaded on 60-70%.

“Today, on the island biruchiy, there is complete occupancy until the end of the first decade of August. Thus loaded, even new hotels opened in the past 2 weeks. And the cracks are filled with new clients in a matter of minutes. Almost the same can be said about the hotels class “luxury” type “Beluga”, which until the middle of August is booked almost 100% of the rooms. A similar situation exists in middle class hotels with a pool or separate cottages with full amenities in the room. The economy segment is still partly empty,” explained the current situation of the editor-in-chief Kirillovka.Ukrainian, Eugene The Brave.

Thus, if you want to rent a house with amenities on site without prior booking, there is a risk to stay overnight in the car or economy rooms. If you’ve already come and not found suitable housing on Fedotova spit, pay attention to the neighborhood Tsarskoe Selo, or the Liman street in the center of Kirillovka.