Kirillovka in the sea water like in a hot spring (video)

В Кирилловке вода в море, как в горячем источнике (видео)

In Kyrylivka of the sea of Azov warmed up to 27 degrees. The water is clean and virtually no jellyfish. They, as noted vacationers appear at depth.

Began to appear on brown algae. The locals explain to visitors that they are rich in iodine, therefore is useful. Particularly clean sea to Fedotova spit Stepok in. This year at the entrance to the spit is no barrier. Azov national Park have not yet installed them. Tents still not much, but to long weekends, are predicting a substantial increase.

The beach at the Three still healthy, people do not have time to foul. Looks like the Azov sea on a wild beach showed bloggers. They do daily temperature screenig water and air. This time it was fixed, sort of, the season record – 27 degrees in the water.