Kirillovka tourists waiting for mortal danger (видео0

The man, who miraculously escaped during a bath, told where in Kirillovka better not to swim.

A few days in Kyrylivka the storm raged on, this time in the sea drowned several people. They were all older and most likely knew how to swim. Why are they not able to swim?

His version told vacationer who helped to get to shore when he began to sink. A man with his friend swam close to the shore, and when swam to the breakwater, I felt a large difference in depth. It caught the strong current that started to pull into the open sea. He had to call for help and now he believes the day of your salvation second birthday.

Probably during storms along the breakwaters, there is reverse flow (rip current). The most dangerous for people cutting currents of shallow seas with gently sloping, low-lying coast, which is framed by sand bars, shoals and islets. The water can gradually return to sea due to constraining its obstacles. Water pressure increases dramatically and forms the rapids, where the water rushes back to sea with great speed (up to 2.5-3.0 m/sec), forming a current.