Kirillovka vacationers RUB sore spots jellyfish – a funny video

В Кирилловке отдыхающие натирают медузами больные места - курьезное видео

While some vacationers complain about the dominance of jellyfish on the beaches of Azov, others have found a use for them. Burning poison cornerto they use for medicinal purposes. On the beach in Kirillovka noticed a group of tourists, hard natirally each other jellyfish.

Invasion of the gelatinous sea creatures in the sea of Azov is associated with a gradual increase in water salinity. Against nature not trample, but not everybody likes these changes.

Vacationers in Kirillovka try to stay away from Kornetov, because touching it causes the allergic skin rash and even burns.

But some literally satisfied with the pursuit of jellyfish, the belief in their medicinal properties. From mouth to mouth passed the legend that the venom of cornerto helps in the treatment of diseased joints.

If the followers of this theory will be more, you see, and on the Azov resorts the water is purified from unpleasant slippery inhabitants.

Video beach of the resort published in the social network: